Non-Braided Catheter Cutter

Quick, compact, precise adjustability

Inventitives Linear Catheter Cutter exemplifies elegant engineering. From the 3Fr to 28Fr (24 sizes from 0.039” to 0.375”) cutting dial to the quick change razor mount, this low cost catheter and medical tube cutting fixture will rapidly earn its keep and your respect.

This catheter tubing cutter uses inexpensive single edge razor blades to cut the tubes without crushing them and to use a single bin to catch and store the tubes and shafts. The dead stop is infinitely adjustable between 0.000” to 8.000” and utilizes a digital Mitutoyo indicator. This catheter cutter also has an optional extension which allows catheter shafts up to 60” to be cut with a high degree of precision. All while consuming only 72 square inches of valuable cleanroom bench space.

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• Only 72 Sq. In. of Cleanroom Bench Space.
• Standard Cutter cuts to full 8” cut length.
• Optional Extension Rail up to 60” in length
• Maintenance free, ball bearing slide for precise travel of the blade.
• Quick Change Razor Mount (under a minute).
• 3 to 28.5 Fr Standard Cutting Dial (24 sizes)(Custom Hole Size Dials are available).
• Mitutoyo Digital Caliper: 0.001” accuracy.
• Automatic cutoff dump gate allows the cut catheter shaft to fall into a storage bin (not shown).
Non-Skid Base


InventitiveslinearcuttertopviewdetailPrecise measurement 0.001"

lineardialcutterslidingdiagramdetailRoller bearing cutter slide.
Automatic dump gate.

LinearcutterbladecloseupSafe quick-change blade carrier.

Linearcutterdialcloseup3 to 28.5 Fr Standard Cutting Dial.

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