"We used to cut, form, and assemble catheters with regular tools and hand work. We tried Inventitives' cutters and formers and were amazed! It's like we found a secret weapon. Our productivity accelerated... and we reduced waste and down-time. Thanks!"

John D.
MN Medical Device Company

About Inventitives

Who we are. What we do. Why it matters.

Inventitives is a new company with decades of experience in the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. We are seasoned professionals coming from medical engineering, machining, and manufacturing backgrounds. We have experienced the frustrations of inadequate equipment and the disappointment of downtime. We made it our misson to solve those problems.We joined forces to design and manufacture medical devices that work exceedingly well.

Our objective and commitment is to design and manufacture equipment that is simple, versatile, robust, inexpensive, powerful AND lean. Your products will easily validate.

As you evaluate our product line, note the very small footprint required, the wide processing latitude through the use of smart controllers and the innovative use of universal grips and quick change dies.

These features are the embodiment of lean manufacturing.

Thank you for your interest in our products.


Easy validation saves engineers' time and manufacturers' money.

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