Thermal Catheter Tipper

Quick, precise, robust

Inventitives Thermal Catheter Tipper enables medical device manufacturers to thermally modify the tips of catheters, sheaths and dilators. This simple but capable machine requires less than one square foot of valuable cleanroom table workspace.

Through the use of an intelligent controller, quick change die and a universal (4Fr to 24Fr) grip, the Thermal Tipper can be changed from one application to another is less than a minute* (SMET: Single Minute Exchange of Tooling)(*after cooling). With three different types of dies available (SS, PTFE Coated and PTFE Lined) as well as varying diameter PTFE Coated Mandrels, the Thermal Tipper can handle almost any application. This machine can also be used to thermally flare most medical device tubing.

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• 3 types of Tipping Die, Flaring Die and Custom Die are available.
• Removable Safety Shield.
• Pressure Gauge for push pressure.
• Adjustable Angle Cooling Jets.
• E-Stop: Removes all energy from machine.
• Precision Regulator to adjust tipping or flaring pressure.
• Smart Controller capable of 99 different tipping or flaring process recipes.
• Foot pedal to initiate the tipping cycle.
• Universal Grip capable of tipping/flaring 4Fr to 24Fr medical device tubing.

ThermaltipperheadandjawchangecloseupEasily changeable dies and trays

thermaltippersafetyboxSafety guard

ThermaltipperscreensProgramable processing

TippingclsoeupCathater tip

Easy validation saves engineers' time and manufacturers' money.


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