Thermal Catheter Bonder

Fast, precise and LEAN

Inventitives Thermal Catheter Bonder is the embodiment of LEAN principles. The highly versatile and robust catheter bonding machine consumes less than one square foot of expensive cleanroom table workspace.

The efficient thermal heaters and the novel bonding jaws have been designed to allow quick changeover from one catheter size to another while providing exact process control of the thermal bonding process. The design of this Thermal Catheter Bonder eliminates tedious height adjustments and allows the operator to work at a comfortable height. Its user interface is simple and straightforward (just one main control screen) and the Thermal Catheter Bonder sports an attractive, Hi-Tech design.

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• Dual Clamp Buttons
• Dual Start Buttons:
• Quick Change Bonding Die
• Dual Precision Clamp Pressure Adjustment
• Dual Precision Clamp Pressure Gauges
• Laser Pointer enables even novice operators to precisely and repeatably position bond.
• True Smart Controller provides nearly infinite (incremental) adjustments of Bond Temperature, Push Speed, Push distance and Bond Time.
• 20 different recipes can be stored.
• E-Stop: Removes all energy from machine.
• Soft Silicone Clamp Grips prevent damage while ensuring minimal slippage.
• Powerful Stepper Motor provides sufficient force to bond even high durometer materials.


InventitivesthermalbonderlaserPrecise laser bond pointer

ThermalBondercreensControl menus

ThermalbonderclampcloseupExchangeable die, no exposed wires

FootpedalFoot pedal control

Easy validation saves engineers' time and manufacturers' money.

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