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InventitivesLineardialcutterLinear Dial Catheter Cutter

Inventitives Linear Catheter Cutter exemplifies elegant engineering. From the 3Fr to 28Fr (24 sizes from 0.039” to 0.375”) cutting dial to the quick change razor mount, this low cost catheter ... More

thermaltipperThermal Catheter Tipper

Inventitives Thermal Catheter Tipper enables medical device manufacturers to thermally modify the tips of catheters, sheaths and dilators. This simple but capable machine requires less than ... More

InventitivesThermalBonderThermal Catheter Bonder

Inventitives Thermal Catheter Bonder is the embodiment of LEAN principles. The highly versatile and robust catheter bonding machine consumes less than one square foot of valuable... More

Easy validation saves engineers' time and manufacturers' money.

InventitivesrollercutterwebRoller Catheter Cutter

Quick and perfect cuts on a wide variety of catheters. Braided or non-braided, thick-wall or thin wall. Quick-change blade. "On off" two postion blade. ... More

We have full in-house machining, manufacturing, and testing equipment. We design and manufature the product line shown here as well as do custom and collaberative engineering.

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