Roller Braided Catheter Cutter

Quick, precise, foolproof

Cutting braided catheters can be tricky; fraying, stretching and not having a truly straight cut can lead to bonding or tipping problems down the road.

We designed our roller cutter to be the perfect tool to make quick and perfect cuts on a wide variety of catheters. Braided or non-braided, thick-wall or thin wall. It eliminates common problems and speeds up production. The operation is quick, clean and precise (.015"). The two-position cam cutter and all slide construction ensures consistent repeatable uniform cuts—regardless of operator skill. It uses a standard single-edge blade that is quick and easy to change. Variable tray lengths are available.

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• "On off" two postion blade
Uniform pressure
• Precise, consistent, fast cuts
• Solid, durable all slide construction
• Small footprint
• Variable tray lengths available


InventitivesrollercutterbladechangeQuick change standard blade

InventitivesrollcuttertwopositionactionPrecise two-position cutting head

InventitivesrollercutterdisconnectcloseupPositive locking for extension tray

rollercutterextensiontrayExtended tray

Easy validation saves engineers' time and manufacturers' money.

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